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US ICT Market reachable by partner / distributors

The ICT market in the U.S. grew in 2011 in terms of investment in software by more than 6% acc. A study by the IDC. The total ICT market (including hardware) reached a volume of approximately U.S. $ 724 billion (source: OSEC).

Ready for the real production increases by 2.3% estimated in 2012 as a study of gtai (www.gtai.de) signals from the May 2012. The main export destinations are Canada, Mexico and China, the Chinese market currently absorbs only slightly more than half of exports to Mexico. Quite a realistic reserve growth for the United States.

The structure of the United States has for manufacturing companies (individual and mass production) and the chemical and pharmaceutical industry to focus on the East Coast of the USA. One reason, why has opened his office, the IIC for the American market in Los Angeles. We are looking for our international customers software partner, taking over next to the traditional sales and the implementation and support of the finals and keep the risks of the U.S. market for foreign software vendors to manage.