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Turkey’s ICT market – a competitive fast climber

Based on a research for a customer we found out that the figures of increase in the Turkish software market rise steep, typical for an „emerging market“.

The local providers are present in different sectors (Public, HealthCare, HR, …). This means to foreign solution providers that this market already exists. The export of Turkish software includes 80 countries what leads to the conclusion that they are absolutely international


Turkey’s economic growth in industry amounts 20% in comparison to year 2010! Mechanical Engineering increased in the same period to 43%.

There are 2,5 Million companies with 1 – 250 employees in Turkey. 12% of them are active in industry, 40% in trade and 10% in food.

Turkey is a young and well educated multicultural country. 65% of the inhabitants are under age of 35 years. 93 Universities qualify approx. 400.000 students p.a. 32 of this Universities teach in English language.

Investment for IT is located on an average growth of more than 12%. Even during the difficult times of 2009/2010 the increase was more than 7%.

GDP is expected with 3% in 2015.

50% of all ICT investments are done in city region of Istanbul. Further centers are Ankara and Izmir. This clear structure makes a market entry calculable for newcomers. Analysts define Istanbul’s local position as international center of finance.

Sales of German ICT market amounts 140 Bill € as top position in the 27-EU-Ranking-List. Turkey could keep place 6 with 21.6 Bill €, directly behind Italy and Spain if you would count them into this ranking list. Share of sales in IT solutions (except CT) is at 5 Bill €.

There is a big dynamic in business sectors like ERP, CRM and DMS in the Turkish market. In the last 10 years the equipment of software in Turkey increased by 500%. Analysts expect a further continuing trend. ERP provider and system integrator emanate from further 25%.

(Source: Eito, ISPAT, TÜBISAD, Compubase)