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Time to “International” Market !

We recognize more and more the influence of globalization in IT business. The basic situation is more or less that local SW vendors are focused on their home market (UK, Germany, France, Italy,…) and are carefully doing first steps in foreign markets. They think mainly their market and customer base will be big enough. The careful activities in internationalization are driven by the recognized need in the foreign market for a similar software like their own to cover / support business processes (different kind in different industries/public/…). The kind of to be supported business processes are depending on the life-cycle of the countries and the economic level. If we take this base in consideration we have to be aware of some points:

  1. The foreign markets are developing faster than expected from abroad. The need for SW solutions increases faster and more flexible.
  2. There are local SW vendors in this “foreign markets” serving more and more the need of the local market and developing specific solutions which would be optimized by the increasing customer base.
  3. The foreign SW vendors start from a different level. They don’t have to make the same experience than “old ICT economy”. They can also start with actual available technology.
  4. This good usable solutions will come back to your “home country” if they are faster than you. This is an effect we know in Germany actually by the photovoltaic industry or in Italy with the textile / furniture industry, …

Especially topic 4 is a at the moment more and more occurring item of SW globalization and it is more important than in the past to be fast in entering foreign markets which are on the right level of economic development. For example ERP, MES and CAQ are important in Turkey. Health Care Solutions are asked in France and USA. Mobile health solutions are important in Italy.

So be aware of an old business rule which is also reality for ICT (especially with the new distributions possibilities like “Cloud”): Internationalization works in both ways. The faster ones will get the better base to win recognizable market shares! 

Using existing companies in foreign markets to sell and implement your SW wins time to market and gives you a better reputation. Use a partner business to enter e foreign market (www.iic-global.net).