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Prepared for the time after

In the international economic environment, the preparation for the time after Covid-19 pandemic can be felt. Not only the economic data of the countries show a clear growth forecast, but also the investment programs in Europe and USA lead to a boost of demand.

The economic development of the European countries is seen very positively. Statista shows a growth of 3.2% (2021) and 3.1% (2022) for Germany. Other markets, such as France, are coming out of the current situation with even more momentum at 5.5%.

In general, it can be seen that the quick reaction of the politically active and the enormous sums parallel to the bond purchase programs of the ECB are having an effect.

In parallel, companies are being forced to analyze processes and, where possible, to integrate more flexible external labor into their processes. This has caused an enormous push for the digitalization of the economy, which numerous IT service providers and software companies are noticing in a sharp increase in demand.

Software solutions from different areas are gaining in importance. A clear trend cannot be discerned, as a catch-up effect probably also plays a role. It is important for companies and public authorities to digitize the provision of information and to secure data and its availability. The German market is currently in a situation of optimization and increased integration of IT into work processes. In a not too distant scenario, however, data security is also a crucial issue, as numerous attacks on systems already reveal today. Here, awareness will grow significantly in the coming months.

Demand for IT solutions in the healthcare and public administration sectors is currently particularly significant. Here, many work processes are being put to the test or can no longer function as before. It is not so much the basic systems that are currently being questioned, but more and more supplementary functions (DMS, CRM, APPs,…) are being used to optimize processes. The field is thus wide and the dynamics in IT demand very high.


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