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Positive developments on Europe’s ICT market

High expertise in ICT sector

Europe’s digital expertise can’t be denied. Due to calculations of Eurostat the number of ICT professionals in Europe rose by nearly 1.5 million to 7.734,4 million between 2011 and 2015 (3,5% of total employment).

The Growth of specialists in this business was averaged by 3% from 2006 till 2015, more than eight times higher than the average rate for total employment over the same period.

In 2015 83,9% of European ICT specialists were male. 60,5% had an academic degree, leaded by Lithuania (79,8%) followed by Spain (78,7%), Ireland (77,5%), France (76,9%) and Belgium with 76,2%.

Europe really looks like an attractive ICT market because latest figures show that Europe’s most satisfied employees work in the ICT sector. ADP, provider of services and solutions for personnel administration, published in February 2017 results of their study with 9.920 interviewees of this industry and 79% indicated that they are happy with their labour. Only 11% reported on excessively stress. 85% are looking positively into their employment future for the coming five years. 90% told that they already have skills and know-how which will be in great demand in the future. And 81% are feeling supported by their employers.

Eurostat press release – number of ICT professionals

Eurostat Statistics – ICT specialists in employment

ADP study – Satisfaction in European ICT sector

Still rising revenues in ICT market

According to Bitkom studies European ICT revenues are still rising and would hit 686 billion euros in 2016 (+0,7% compared to 2015). Hardware, IT-services and software provider recorded a rise of 2,7% to 388 billion euros. Whereupon telecommunications increased by 1,8% to 298 billion euros.

Worldwide revenues amounted 1,8% to 3.1 trillion euros in 2016. The U.S. in leading position with grow of 3,5% to 956 billion euros.

EITO – European ICT market figures


IoT – Strong effect on ICT

2015 Europe’s IoT market grew by 34% to 111 billion euros. And EITO – European IT Observatory speaks about a „doubling“ till 2019 of 250 billion euros. This conclusion is based on a survey of companies which results that 53% indicated that IoT has a strategic importance or would influence their business model (15%).

Investments are planned for the next years by every second company.

Most important sectors of IoT applications are digitalization (e.g. in health care) and manufacturing (Industry 4.0) as well as Connected Cars. But not only hardware and connectivity will raise the revenues of IoT, but also software applications like platforms and cloud computing get further influence.

EITO – Doubling of IoT market

IoT experts