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Poland – not only impressiv during the CeBIT

If you visited CeBIT you will be impressed by a lot of booths in different halls driven by polish companies or Poland itself. The pressure to enter foreign markets was within reach. Also the discussion with polish exhibitors strengthened our impression: there is a strong IT market in a country some international SW vendors did not recognize in the past.

Where is this strength coming from? Poland is one of the strongest growing economy since 2009. The increase was 12,3 % since this time (source: Eurostat). In Germany the still impressive growth was 2,5 %. The quality of the software solutions and the demand for business application is in the same time tremendously growing.
The polish economy is driven by a cheap Zloty. The currency translation rate to EUR gives the companies the chance to produce cheaper and be more competitive international. The national debt is below 60 % of the GDP.
A conclusion to this can be for software vendors to enter this growing market where business applications are needed and a second conclusion can be: be aware of strong competitors out of Poland.