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Partnerships for software vendor on different levels

IIC is well known in the software market since 2001, and established when it comes to the initiation of collaborations and partnerships in the market.
With its extensive network and many years of experience in the IT market in different countries IIC offers a wide range of partnerships. In addition to the classical distribution partners, resellers and distributors, IIC organizes strategic partnerships up to a 100 % takeover.

Many companies with solutions in the ICT market who want to expand their business are interested in a strategic international expansion in particular, but not exclusively, and are asking for the service of IIC .The experience of the IIC combined with the requirements of the customers gives a rich scope for ”partnerships” .
This service of IIC is refinanced by a flat rate combined with a component of success and of interest to international companies who are looking for access to the Italian market, but also for Italian companies that want to tap into global markets. More and more IT companies are aware of the fact that
a ) customers are international
b ) the competition gets more and more global.

The technology is no longer the limiting factor after the debate about SaaS and Cloud, but the knowledge about the processes and the customer. Here are ” units ” in the sense of importance of local partnerships, which take over the distribution and implementation as well as the first-level-support .
Strategic partnerships pave additionally commercial requirements and secure at best equal to the on-site structures. If there is an additional benefit from the perspective of marketing in the market through the use of the ” Brands” , which is an intentional effect .