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Mobile health market in France

The population in most of our developed nations is getting older and older. The need to take care on this situation is growing and the IT industry gets more and more aware of this interesting market. We have to find ways to communicate between patient and medical care  institutions. GPS tracker, online informations about blood pressure, blood glucose level, direct video conference systems… are needed cause the medical help is not so well distributed in our countries as it could be.

The elder people are parallel getting more familiar with the new manageable technology. Smartphones and their possibilities must not bee in direct use for this purpose but the elder people get a better admission to IT technology by using such gadgets. This experience can be used for new products helping to optimize the communication between patient and medical care.

In France there is a dedicated association for the purpose to organize providers and give this theme a platform (www.antel.fr).

The expected growth of this market for IT companies is impressive. In 2011 the market size in France was around 160 Mio. €. Expected market in 2020 is 1 Mrd € (Source: Syntec Numérique).