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IIC (english)IIC (english)IIC (english)

Make or Buy – IIC vs. Internal Ressources

If you have to do the decision whether to expand globally with internal resources to find relationships in the foreign target markets or to use IIC as external competences you have to consider the following facts: intern-extern

  • Based on the experience of IIC (doing nothing else than establishing connections between ICT companies since 15 years) you can rely on an existing connection network
  • We offer a deep understanding of the foreign ICT market
  • We are are acting direct in the local market (no different time zone)
  • Communication will be done in the local language (internally with you in english)
  • Calculable costs: No additional invests in office, car, phone, insurance, … has to be payed.

With a small fixed invest for a defined period of time you will get a multiple in result by the linked partner.