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Lowest Unemployment Rate since 1991

There are 41,5 mil employees in Germany with an unemployment rate of 6,7 %. The strong economic factor is of interest for all IT companies with business software. Quite sure Germany is a strong IT market and also high competitive but there is a need to support the business processes best with software to reach the higher results by the same or less man power. There are not enough experienced workers available. Some of their processes has to be substituted by software. Also the German market recognize since years the need and the help of software. There is now long discussion if the economic benefit can be defined clearly.

New ideas of processes and new technologies force the german enduser market in addition to think about new software and it is quite sure that Cloud Computing will bring an additional drive in the situation of optimizing the way how to work.

Starker deutscher Jobmarkt: So wenige Arbeitslose wie zuletzt im Jahr 1991 – Konjunktur – FAZ.  (german only)