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itintell.org – Platform successful !

itintell_homeWe launched itintell.org as a platform for international partnership. After the first 8 weeks, we are faced with a strong interest in the service. Registration of new companies looking for partners are increasing also than information from platform users about to be contacted by others with reference to the initial.org.

Over the last 4 weeks there 10 % of the visitors coming form US market and around 25 % form India (as expected). If we take a closer look to Europe (25 %) there is Germany as a big player very visible (14 %) but also Italy, France and Spain (between 2.3 % and 2.6 %). Very interesting is the increase of visitors coming from Africa. All over the continent we got around 7 % of the total visitors driven by South Africa, Tunisia and Morocco. The spread of itintell.org cross industries is driving the interest but there is still a big interest of  ICT companies in our platform.

The easy and efficient way to place an entry on the platform combined with the function-rich search engine seems to be one of the success factors – try it for free!