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Italy’s ICT market

State of economy

According to the latest Austrian foreign economic sector report on Italy, the business landscape in Italy is characterized by approximately 4.3 million micro-enterprises structured in industrial enterprises and service providers.

For their management and their contacts with their environment, the use of information and communication technologies is essential. This makes the Italian market very interesting for new technologies in the ICT industry. Typical for Italian ICT users ist that they are very open to new technologies, especially if you can use the product as a status symbol. Not for nothing Italy records the highest number of in-use mobile phones Europe-wide. The same applies for computers that are increasingly being replaced by tablets.

Use of ERP, CRM and Cloud Computing in companies

Corresponding to the Italian Institute of Statistics Istat, the use of CRM programs increases as well as in the years before recorded: transition from 13.3% in 2009 to 23.1% in 2013 to 28.2% in 2014.
The use of ERP software also increased significantly from 9.7% (2009) to 27.2% (2013) to 37.2% in the 2014.
Cloud Computing has already been adopted by more than 40% of the Italian companies.

Importance of ICT sector in Italy

The “National Agency for Foreign Investment” says that there are in Italy many of the world’s leading ICT companies and a large number of small and medium-sized flexible enterprises. Referring to the number of IT companies Italy is with 97,000 active companies, which are employing 390,000 people on second place in Europa behind the United Kingdom and prior to France and Germany (http://www.invitalia.it/site/ita/home/investimenti-esteri/scegliere-litalia/mercato/ict.html).

The above mentioned Agency indicates also inter alia for the Italian market a high innovation density in different areas. This is of importance for different industries. Thus, for example intensively promoted are innovations in the fields of mechanical engineering, mechanical equipment and precision instruments, electrical products, transportation, instrumentation, aerospace and medical devices (http://www.invitalia.it/site/eng/home/investment- opportunities/ict.html).
Referred to a report of “Assinform” Italy has applied since the 1990s as an reference country for everyone who is active in the mobile market. Italy is ideal for “early adopters” that want to test the latest mobile services and technologies before exporting them to other European markets. It is estimated that there are 46.9 million users of mobile services for private and professional use in Italy.
Italy had in 2013 a GDP of EUR 1,559.0 billion. The market volume for the ICT sector conducted EUR 65.1 billion, according to forecasts of “Assinform” in the end of 2013. More than a half amounts on IT services (€ 35.2 billion), followed by hardware (€ 16.9 billions), online content and advertisement (€ 7.6 billion) and software and other ICT solutions (€ 5.5 billion). In 2014 the GDP rose to EUR 1,618,904 billion.

ICT centers in Italy

Rome shares together with Milan the highest concentration of ICT companies in the country. It is called the Roman Milanese / Lombard ICT center, center of innovation in Italy (http://www.comune.roma.it/PCR/resources/cms/documents/ICT_vi_inch.pdf).
In the capital almost the entirety of ICT companies is concentrated in the Lazio region. Approximately 20% of all employees work alone in Rome in the ICT sector.
The ICT companies in Lazio have settled not only in the “Tiburtina Valley”, the historical center of technological innovation, but also in other central regions and in the periphery of the city. Companies that are engaged in the production and release of software are located along the Tiber axis.
Current focus

The focus areas e-government, e-health and Cloud Computing are at the moment the most discussed topics in Italy according to the report mentioned above.


Due to the aging population in Italy, there is given a special need for action in health care. Interestingly the Italians have a proportion of over 80 years old ones of 5.5%, which is expected to increase to 14.9% by 2060. They lead the “long-lived” list of European populations (http://www.istat.it/it/ archivio / 48875). This underlines the necessity and importance of the use of ICT in the health sector e.g. in Home Care Services.
The “eHealth Benchmarking III of April, 2011” of the European Commission states that the hospital infrastructure in Italy is above average including external connections, PACS-use (picture archiving systems and communication systems based on digital computer and networks) and telemonitoring in comparison to to other European countries.

Current and future market situation of Cloud Computing

According to the Central Statistics Institute ISTAT 95.2% of companies in Italy are micro-enterprises with fewer than 10 employees (http://www3.istat.it/salastampa/comunicati/non_calendario/20040916_00/).
In 2014 40% of all companies in Italy used Cloud Computing referred to studies of Eurostat. Due to that fact Italy is on 2nd place of all EU countries directly behind Finland with 51% (Germany 11%). 32% was used for storage of date and 14% for CRM software applications (http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/documents/2995521/6208102/4-09122014-AP-DE.pdf).