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Italy’s ICT market is starting to leave the bad years behind

According to the Assinform-Netconsulting study the Italien ICT market was expected to reach in the end of 2016 $ 65.9 billion which means a growth of 1,5% compared to 2015 (0,6%).

Sectors like voice data and cloud computing (+28,7% to EUR 1.2 billion) as well as IoT (+13% to EUR 1.8 billion) in 2015 made that recovery possible.

And in 2016 further deployment is set for ICT services (+2,3% to EUR 10.6 billion), ICT software and solutions (+4,3% to EUR 6.2 billion), devices and systems (+0,8% to EEU 17.1 billion) and digital content and digital advertising (7,5% to EUR 9.6 billion).

And don’t forget Italy is the third-largest economy in the European Union.

We are curios what developments for 2017 lie ahead.

Quelle:  Assinform – Italien ICT Industries Association

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