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Engineering – Driving Industry in 2013

Mechanical engineering in Germany is another time the growth engine of the economy. The association of machine and plant manufacture is expecting a 2% growth in 2013. Because of these underlying investments in IT infrastructure is still expected high. The dreaded drop in IT spending is still carried by the strong performance in key industries, as well as in export.

Most of the market observers expeced a decrease of the situation in Germany for 2013. The Year 2012 was in comaprisan to former years a strong period in case of investing in ERP, CRM solution. Optimization of processes is  a more and more important goal. There are demands on qualified employees in different branches in Germany. The increase of the economic growth is still going forward driven by the local investments in USA and China. To bridge this gap there is the need to optimize process support by IT, integrate new technologies and provide in fast and reliable way decisionmakes with responsible figures.

To get this done, investment in ICT is still a must to have the right information on the right place “just in time” !