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Employment Situation in Europe

Eurostat publishes a new statistic to give an overview of the quarterly results of the labor situation in Europe. Reliable and comparable figures are currently available for the 2 nd Quarter 2012.
If we compare the strong economies, Germany is with nearly 41.6 million workers and an unemployment rate of 5.4% a potent economic force. UK is on position 2 with approximately 32 million employees and with an unemployment rate of 7.9%.
In the Italian economy which is after France the 4th strongest economic power also in terms of ICT investment under the EU27 countries, about 25 million people are employed in companies. The unemployment rate is at 10.6%.

Putting the numbers of youth unemployment in relationship (Germany 8%, Italy 34%, UK 21%) we clearly see what potential still lies dormant. Especially if we see this in conjunction to another interesting figure: more than 94% of young people in these markets have IT skills.

Remember that Germany employed 18.6% of employees in the total EU27 countries (223 million employees). This shows clearly how important Europe is for Germany. The German contribution to the growth of the EU27 area is not critical, but influential. Affecting, as it may be the experience of other countries such as Norway, with only 3% unemployment rate (2.7 million employees).

The models need to be discussed and possibly adapted by each other to show the sum of the individual effects.

The experience of the IIC in Europe (www.iic-global.net) are very positive. The IT industry is freed of the physical delivery of their value-added (software) especially if we take a look at the Cloud discussion, but must hold expertise in the respective other target markets and can also incorporate information from reliable markets in software development.

This is the approach of the IIC for international partnerships, the implementation of trans-European networks in the IT industry.
A knowledge transfer in both directions for the benefit of all. If that is not European thought …