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Cloud Computing – In Italy strong used by enterprises

cloudBased on a research done by the European Union (http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat) there is are strong differences in using cloud computing for business. If we take a look at the EU 28 countries Finland is on top with more than 50 % directly follow by Italy ! We see one of the key points in the the good global IT infrastructure in these countries.

The biggest problem for a stronger use (based on the information of cloud service using companies) are security reasons.  Not all of the necessary processes are put to the cloud but there is a willing to go in this way. There are stronger differences in cross industries, too. What we can get out of the figures: Italy is a strong economy using cloud solutions and the existing infrastructure is strong enough to handle more services in the cloud. There is still an increase driven by additional processes and also branches. Most of the other european countries have to improve their cloud infrastructure. But at the end we all have to find a way to handle the security problem. Some of the companies forcing a privat cloud solution like some of our customers. We’ll keep an eye on this.