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CES – Second Display – Update

during the last days since the start of the CES we followed different discussions. A main sentence was “We are in a extremely calm period in case of innovations” (Hans Vestberg, CEO Ericsson). Based on his thoughts we have to establish the connection in usable bandwidth of all the mobile users to get drive in new innovation by the information what users need and want to do with the existing products.

Our personal overview plays in his hands. There are faster tablets, deeper integrated house managing solutions, a camera with direct link to social media… things we are talking about since several months. Samsung in his keynote shows flexible OLED displays with the new brand “YOUM flexible”. They showed us a smartphone with rounded edge to show upright content if a cover covers the front. Seems not to be so clear, what to do with it… (but it looks good!).
In a Clip they showed a folded Display like an organizer you can fouled up and have a doubled screen like a paper-based notebook. Fare from being ready to sell but could be a good idea to work on.

One of the mainly driven themes is the “second screen”, the using of any display for any content. The possibilities of thinner and more flexible displays to be used in different products on different places. Content wherever you are with a linking and transforming technology you prefer (Handy, Smartphone, PC, TV,…) and displayed on everything available.
Bluestacks for examples shows a solution to use any existing APP also on a PC/MAC even if is written for Android or iOS.

For Business Solution the idea is convergence and using all devices. Be flexible in supporting business processes by any available technology. Nobody knows the concrete scenario in then next 5 years but one point is clear: information is getting flexible used.