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Africa – Coming up with Mobile Solutions

If we take a closer look at the markets in Africa we recognize a strong interest in mobile solutions. Clearly driven by the weak infrastructure. There is also a difference considering the “life-cycle” of the different markets which is of interest for SW Vendors. If we take a look at South Africa e.g. there are 21 % of the inhabitants connected to the internet. In Egypt 36 % and in Morocco 51 %.
Connection to the interent means in this emerging market the possibility to communicate, to get information and to learn.

The Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKO) divides the african markets in 5 areas from “most interesting” over “2. league” to “critical”. On top of the list there are countries like South Africa, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco,… but also Gabon. Gabon for example with its 17.300 $ BIP per Capita (South Africa 11.300$) is driven by a strong wood and oil industry. But only 8 % of the inhabitants are connected to the internet.

For IT Investment in the african countries we have to divide in “more developed” industries where we can sell “Business Software” (like South Africa, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt,…) and countries which have to optimize their IT infrastructure like Gabon, Uganda,…

Over a wider range of this countries we can recognize a strong interest in education. Elearning is one of the drivers in mobile solutions internet use and also other perhaps new business models based on mobile solutions. The phase is more than interesting!