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Global Experience

Flexibility and a global perspective are increasingly considered requisites for the success of ICT enterprises. Strategic partnerships reduce the need for the expenditure of one’s own resources, enabling increased scale and distributed risk.

  • Consulting:  We offer you solid preparation for productive, long-term business partnerships.
  • Recruitment:  We are adept at identifying and engaging your talented new partners based on job analyses, descriptions and qualifications.
  • Management:  We train your existing partners to ensure efficient and satisfactory collaboration.

Our clientele spans a range of industries, from manufacturing to banking, insurance, healthcare and communication industries.


Our team consists of goal-oriented experts who work effectively on existing contact networks, expanding them continuously with creative outreach. Our staff draws upon our wealth of experience from the areas of software sales, product marketing and mergers & acquisitions – to be present for you as competent consultants.

We work diligently for our clients, deploying the resources of our own regional offices – on demand – for prompt responses by our culturally-sensitive local sales professionals.

Time by time we anaylse differnet regions in the world and suggest ICT topics, inform about trends and share market figures